• Party highlight: The Joouly 35 with the dimensions 26 x 26 x 37 cm and 1.4 kg weight is a Bluetooth speaker, which can also be used as a stylish LED lamp and a practical drinks cooler.
  • Lamp: The Joouly is not only a speaker, but also a stylish LED lamp, with 9 different warm colours and 4 exciting colour play modes (flash, strobe, fade and smooth).
  • Bluetooth: Simply connect the box to your smartphone via app or remote control and you can control all functions. For the ultimate party experience, you can also pair several jooulys together.
  • Drinks cooler: the integrated and waterproof vase (6 litres) offers space for cooling wine, sparkling wine or champagne. Relax in atmospheric lighting, best sound and iced drinks.
  • Details: Joouly 35 model 2020: battery 3700 mAh, input 110/220
  • V, output 5 V, 10 LEDs of 2 W, speaker amplifier 4 Ohm 5 W, battery charging time approx. 5 hours, high-quality carrying handle made of leather, cannot be paired with the model The Joouly Pro.


Artikelnummer: JOOULY 35
239,00 CHFPreis